Explore the Metal Works & Pottery Village at Dhamrai

Pottery Tour - Barisal 019

Will explore the Pottery village at Dhamrai is located 40 km from Dhaka & visit some metal (Brass) workshops. Here you will get the practical experience inside the workshop. The metalworkers and the family members of the pottery villages are creating their products manually by implementing their knowledge & skills according to their culture & tradition. Some local families are straggling a lot & holding this profession, which they learn from their ancestor. It is really a challenge for them while industrial developments are running faster in our society.  However, it is a pride for them who are still engaged in these professions & it is a sign of the artistic inheritance of our society.

In the morning, take a day excursion to Dhamrai. En-route visits the National Monument at Nabinagar. We pay our respect & honor to the departed souls of freedom fighters & others who dedicated their life for the country. Many visitors like its unique surroundings & the architectural design of the monument. Some of the fascinating tree plantations are where every head of states visiting the monument had planted a sapling as a part of protocol. Proceed to the brass village in Dhamrai to explore the famous brass items, mainly showpieces. Some families are holding this business for 200 years & have workshops in this area.

This 5000 year old tradition survives in 30 villages around Dhamrai and can be traced back to the Pala Dynasty (800-1100 AD), during which time both early Buddhist and Hindu settlements once flourished. This aspect of history is explicitly reflected in each of the metal crafts produced in Dhamrai. Visit pottery village in the same area.